In the Orient, usage can be traced back several millennia. Today people cultivate the plant in the area from North Africa to Pakistan. In terms of quantity, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are at the fore in production. Goods that can be bought in Germany come mainly from Tunisia. Only fruits of the best quality are exported.

• Fruit shape: oval
• Fruit type: semi-dry
• Fruit color: brown
• Consumption level: Rotab, Tamar
• Harvest time: September
• Storage conditions: store dry and cool


One of the most common dates is Sayer or Estemaran. It is somewhat long, oval and usually brown. Your khalal is yellow. She is of average weight; about 8.5 grams and your core weight is 0.9 grams. This date is available in three types including seed, seedless, and minced.
It is also one of the most important export products. The chopped type is used in serving tea and other beverages.

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